Meet our Staff


Meet our Staff:

We all love what we do here at Urban Body Laser.  Please take some time before you come to meet our staff.  Find out what our favorite things in life are, why we love our jobs and maybe be inspired by some of our life’s experiences:)

Meet our Staff


Joined UBL: 2004

Job title: Manager and Trainer

• Laser Hair Removal Basic, Sciton Ndyag clinical trainer Katherine Woodcock RN
• Laser Hair Removal Advanced, Scition Ndyag clinical trainer Katherine Woodcock RN
• BBL Basic Level – Laser Hair Removal, Photorejuvenation, and Skin Tightening• BBL Advanced Level- Laser Hair Removal, Photorejuvenation, and Skin Tightening
• Sciton Joule Platform – Basic level Laser Hair Removal and Multi-Pass Photorejuvenation with Dr. Bitter Jr
• Scion Joule Platform – Advanced level Laser Hair Removal and Multi-Pass Photorejuvenation with Dr. Bitter Jr
• BBL Photofacial Multiplepass Protocol Advanced, Laser Hair removal with BBL and Multiple Pass photorejuvenation treatments with Dr. Bitter Jr
• Lightsheer Duet and ET Laser Hair Removal with clinical trainer Teresa Maloney
• Lightsheer Duet and ET Advanced Laser Hair Removal with clinical trainer Teresa Maloney
• Advanced Laser Safety and the Biophysics of Laser Application – John Hoopman, Certified Medical Laser Safey Officer

What is your primary role at Urban Body Laser?
I help our technicians stay up to date on the latest protocols and research studies for Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation. We are bullish about our technicians staying on top of their continuing education so that our guests are in safe educated hands.

The depth and breadth of our capabilities increased exponentially when Urban Body went the extra mile and bought our fourth machine. However, machines are only as good as the people using them. Our technicians create magic with these machines because they know them inside out.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
The love and respect that we all have for each other – we’re like a family.

Do you have a favourite work memory?
Last fall when Urban Body Laser celebrated its 10th birthday and the staff surprised us with a scrapbook that they put together. They filled it with memories and pictures and letters from almost the entire staff that have been here over the years. It’s so beautiful! Now I have all these great memories at my fingertips.

Urban Body sells some great products. Do you have a favourite product? Anti-aging Serum from Colorscience! I wear it every single day.  It has sunscreen, hydrator, bronzer and a corrector all in one. I absolutely don’t know what I would do without it! I’m not kidding 🙂

Favourite colour?

Favourite song?
There are so many because I love music but if I have to pick one, I would pick Michael Jackson’s “Man in The Mirror”

What’s your favourite band/artist?
Micheal Jackson, Sade and Kenney Chesney (sorry I couldn’t just pick just one)

What about hobbies?
Yoga, working out at the gym, playing with my two girls and spending time loving and appreciating my husband, family and friends.

Coolest thing you’ve done?
Walked on coals and did not get burned.

Biggest accomplishment:
My family.

Your hero is…
My Husband. He inspires me with his wisdom, his knowledge, how he overcomes obstacles, and his love for me and our girls. If I’m having a hard day, I go to yoga, I think about him and I always feel as though I can conquer the world!!!

What would you like people to know about what you do.
That I absolutely love what I do.  We change people’s lives.  Not just by removing hair, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne etc, but because we go the extra mile to inspire them. We share stories about ourselves and they share stories with us. Our guests become our friends. We laugh together and even sometimes, we cry together.  It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of something that’s so special. I feel it everyday when I walk through the door at Urban Body and I know in my heart that our guests do too!

Meet our Staff


Joined UBL: 2004
Job Title: Productivity Manager / Business Development
• Laser Hair Removal Basic, Sciton Ndyag clinical trainer Katherine Woodcock RN
• Laser Hair Removal Advanced, Scition Ndyag clinical trainer Katherine Woodcock RN

Wow, that’s a serious job title. What does it entail?
It boils down to 3 words – Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity.
It covers everything from how easy it is for people to contact us, how easy it is to book an appointment, how easy it is get an appointment.
It’s things like:
• Standing behind our services
• The advanced training of our technicians
• Making sure we have the best equipment available.
I’m always scanning the horizon to find the latest innovations in laser hair removal. It’s my job to make sure that we have the most effective equipment available and that we are up to date on the latest treatment protocols.
To my knowledge, Urban Body Laser is the only clinic in Vancouver that has 4 different (laser) machines to work with. Believe me, that was a big decision to make – the machines are very expensive and it meant more training for our staff – but we realized that there was a segment of the population that no one in the city was able to help. So we bit the bullet and made the investment in the machines and the training. It was a good move. Every time we treat a guest with this newest machine, we high five our decision and get to work.

How do you measure success?
The obvious measurement are our sales figures. Urban Body Laser has been in business since 2004 and you don’t stay in business if the business isn’t profitable.
But the most rewarding measurement is seeing how laser hair removal can change lives.
Some of the stories are heart wrenching – it’s difficult to convey how unwanted body hair can destroy a person’s confidence. Once they make the decision to take control, watching their confidence grow with every treatment is amazing.
We received over 250 customer reviews last year and every one of them are on our website. Lots of glowing reports but there are a few blemishes – which is ok because if we don’t know that we disappointed someone, we can’t make it right. And we want it to be right.

As a guy do you use any of the skin care products that Urban Body sells?
I sure do. My favorite is Osmosis Clarify – for blemishes and oily skin. It makes a big difference in my skin.
Now let’s find out a bit about the Jason outside of work. What’s your favourite colour?
Hmmm, I’ve never thought of rainbow as a colour… What are your hobbies? Weight lifting, hiking, competitive shooting.
Coolest thing you’ve ever done?
Drank from the Stanley Cup!!
Favourite meal?
Biggest accomplishment?
Creating the life I have today. Getting married, starting a family, my friends and the role I play in the success of Urban Body Laser. I don’t take any of it for granted.

Meet our Staff


Joined UBL: October 2016

What do you do at Urban Body Laser?
I’m a junior guest services specialist.

What does looking after the “front end” of the business entail?
I’m the first one to greet guests, and the last one to wish them farewell. I make sure every guest feels comfortable and at home with us, as well as coordinate their treatments so they have the best time possible for their schedule.

Favourite part of the job:
The people here, it feels like a big happy family (like my family’s not big enough already), and seeing people walk out of their treatment rooms feeling like a million bucks!

What’s your biggest success?
Being on the honour roll and Dean’s list for every semester of my schooling since the first day of kindergarten!

Favourite product that UBL sells:
The colourscience corrector kit, it covers the little things, without looking like I’m wearing a ton of make-up.

Favourite memory (work):
Eating lunch in the back with the girls 🙂

Favourite colour:
Forest green, and the colour of the sky when it rains

Favourite song:
Tom Sawyer, by Rush

Favourite band/artist:
Mumford and Sons, The Zolas, and Beethoven

Coolest thing you’ve done?
I drove an excavator when I was little

Favourite food:
My mum’s lasagna, and sushi!

Biggest accomplishment:
Learning and knowing as many life skills as I do for the age that I am, as well as being 100% independent, and striving for what I feel is best for me in life!

What’s next?
I’m going to keep working on music, and try to develop my sound as a solo artist, as well as learn more in depth about skin care and make up! (I would’ve said myself in the “Favourite Artist” question, but I didn’t want to come off as conceited)


Joined UBL: January 2017

Job title:  Medical Esthetics Technician

Favourite part of the job:
That i get to learn something new everyday, with amazing like minded people!!

Favourite UBL product:
Going to have to be the matte moisture!! fights against acne prone skin (me!!!), while keeping my oil production under control! !

Favourite band/artist:
Frank Ocean

Impromptu dance parties, trail running, baking cookies

Favourite band/artist:
The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Coolest thing you’ve done:
Walked through the redwoods national park and hugged a bunch of trees <3

Favourite food:
I basically like everything, but Eastern European and Vietnamese cuisine are probably my top picks.

Biggest accomplishment:
Crushing some medical obstacles! 4 rounds of radiation and coming out on top! always believing in myself has in turn made me work hard towards being a self sufficient and successful woman.

My hero is…
My dad! he taught me to always be honest, to always be courageous, and to do all things with love.

Favourite colour:
Mint green

Favourite food:
Anything and everything in large quantities

What’s next?
I don’t even know what i’m having for dinner tonight! but striving for a long, healthy, and happy life.


Meet our Staff


Joined UBL: September 2013
Job Title: Medical Esthetics Technician
Job description: Laser and Skin Rejuvenation Technician
• Esthetics and Spa Therapy Diploma (Blanche MacDondald Centre)
• Advanced Laser and Medical Aesthetic Technologies Diploma (All Body Laser Corp)
• Medical Laser Tattoo & Pigmentation Removal Technician Certificate
• Medical Laser Hair Removal Technician Certificate with Nd:Yag, LHE, Lightsheer Duet and BBL Devices
• Controlled Microdermabrasion Certificate
• Rejuvenation: Light & Lasers  Certificate with LED, LHE & IPL Devices
• Medical Laser Spider Vein Removal Technician
• Cosmetic Medical Body Reshaping with Velashape Certificate
• Cosmetic Chemical Peelings & Skin Care

Favorite part of the job:
Getting to work with an amazing staff that I love and helping guests change their life through laser treatments.

Favorite UBL product:
Colourscience Press Compact mineral powder because of its full coverage, goes on flawless and layers without it looking cakey. I use it everyday. When I started here I had acne and the press compact covered it really well.

Favorite song:
While I don’t have favourite song I really, really like “Stay Together” by Al Greene, “O Soave Fanciulla” by Callas & Di Stefano, and “Hideaway” by Kiesza

Favorite Band:
I don’t have a favourite artist or band but I can truly say I love all of ACDC songs, which is something not a lot of people can say 😀

His name is Nacho; he’s a pure French Bulldog and is the love of my life

Gym, fitness and traditional First Nation dancing

Coolest thing you done:
July 2014 I went Sky Diving — and crossed it off my bucket list!

Favorite food:

Biggest accomplishment:
Graduating high school on the Principals list for getting straight A’s for 3 semesters in a row, moving to Vancouver to then graduate with my Esthetics Diploma then going on to graduate Medical Esthetics and Laser technology.

My dad, being drug and alcohol free since I was 2 years old, raising me and my siblings on his own and shaping me into the successful woman I am today. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without his strength, wisdom and words of inspiration and love. I’m thankful every day for his strong leadership and everything he has done to raise me right.

Meet our Staff


Joined UBL: 2009
Job title: Medical Esthetician – Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging Technician
• Professional Esthetics/Spa Therapist – Blanche Macdonald Centre
• Sciton Joule Platform with Dr. Bitter Jr
• Scion Joule Platform Advanced with Dr. Bitter Jr
• Lightsheer Duet and ET with clinical trainer Teresa Maloney
• Lightsheer Duet and ET Advanced with clinical trainer Teresa Maloney
• Advanced Laser Safety and the Biophysics of Laser Application with John Hoopman, Certified Medical Laser Safey Officer

Favourite part of the job:
Getting to help guests & seeing how happy they are with their results ☺

Favourite UBL product:
The pressed compact, because it has the most amazing coverage that isn’t cakey at all, and is healthy for the skin

Favourite song:
Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Favourite band/artist:
At the moment Sam Smith but I will forever love Bob Marley and 2Pac

Working out at the gym, yoga, spending time with my friends and of course spending time with Loca, my French Bulldog.

Coolest thing you’ve done:
Went to Mexico and built houses for under privileged families.

Biggest accomplishment:
Walking… Across hot coals and not burning my feet! And facing my fears, moving out of Penticton to start a new life in Vancouver ☺

My hero is:
My mom. Because she is the strongest, most inspiring woman I know.



Joined UBL: May 2016

What do you do at Urban Body Laser?
At Urban Body Laser I’m a Guest Service Specialist. I take care of guests when they arrive.

Favourite part of the job:
My favourite part of the job is working with everyone. Everyone is here for one another. We are very family oriented. Of course meeting the guests that come in is another favourite of mine.

Favourite product that UBL sells:
My favourite product would have to be Osmosis Quench Moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling extremely hydrated.

Favourite colour: Lavender is my favourite colour.

Favourite song:
Currently, I have been really into “Feel No Ways” by Drake.

Favourite band/artist:
My current favourite is Drake. He just released a new album that I love! I also really enjoy listening to Above&Beyond.

Coolest thing you’ve done?
Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta with my friends!

Favourite food:
Carbs in general: pizza, potatoes, and pasta. The three P’s. I also love going out to eat and grabbing dessert. I’m always on the hunt for new places to try.

Biggest accomplishment:
Graduating from VCC with my Makeup Artistry Certificate!

What’s next?
I am currently working on a few projects of my own. I also want to travel Europe and South East Asia.


Joined UBL: May 2012

Job title: Medical Esthetics Technician

• Professional Esthetics/Spa Therapist – Blanche MacDonald Centre
• Lightsheer Duet Certification
• Lightsheer Duet Advanced
• Advanced Laser Safety and Biophysics of Laser Application with John Hoopman – Certified Medical Laser Officer

Job entails: Performing laser hair removal treatments, skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion; most importantly making clients feel better about themselves. I’m very results driven and seeing a client from point A to B is one of the most rewarding things for me.

Favourite part of the job: Getting to know people and changing lives.

Favourite UBL product: Sunforgettable by Colourscience. As a sun worshiper it’s something I never leave the house without – ever!

Favourite song: Hard to tell since I listen to every song on repeat until I can’t listen to it ever again.

Favourite band/artist: Currently I’m obsessed with Sam Smith but (something I don’t like to admit is that) I’m the ultimate Mariah Carey fan.

Pet: I have a Pomeranian named Jolie (after Angelina Jolie).

Coolest thing you’ve done: Snorkelled for the first time last year in Hawaii.

Favourite food: Ice Cream lotsa ice cream

My hero is… My best friend… she has a full time job, takes evening courses, is always fundraising for different charities, runs for the cure every and still makes time for her friends. I don’t know how she does it!