Microneedling is a wonderful treatment to help with product absorption, increasing collagen, elastin and circulation to your skin.  Its recommended treatment protocol is any where from 4 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the condition of your skin.  You may also do micro needling at home with a Dermal Roller.  We will instruct you on home care if you choose to add this to your daily routine. In order to have longer lasting results we recommend a post treatment at home skin care regime using high quality skin care.


0.3mm Dermal Roller with LED – $100 (available for personal use)
0.5mm Dermal Roller with LED – $100 (available for personal use)

Treatment Pricing for Microneedling with a Dermapen

Face (single treatment)- $299

*Consultation Promo – Package of 5 treatments 20% off


Recommended Products for treatments:





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