Guest Testimonials

Guest Testimonials:

Guest testimonials

Have a look at some of the wonderful guests testimonials we have received over the years.  You may also take a look at the many reviews we have also received from our guests.

Reading about how happy someone can be with a place of service is important.  It is also important to know what that business believes in.  Have a look at our about us section. Learn a little bit more about Urban Body Laser and what is important to us when it comes to servicing you.

Here are a couple pictures of some happy guests with some amazing results:

2 months after completing Guaranteed Service Package

2 months after completing Touch ups for Life

Before & After: SkintighteningTake a look at more of these amazing results:  Before and After pictures

As a busy mother to four young kids, it’s great being able to throw on a bathing suit at any time without worrying about whether or not I’ve had a chance to shave! I had been to other companies that used the old laser technology and couldn’t tolerate the pain; in fact I thought I would never go back to laser hair removal. I was thrilled to discover that the urban body laser technology is virtually painless and the results are fantastic.


… hair initially was medium to thick covering most of my back, after four treatments now most of my back is hairless with a few tiny baby hairs. Janiece and Adrianna were extremely friendly and had complimentary TLC (tender loving care).


Never having to worry about booking waxing appointments before vacations is a huge time saver.  I’d much rather treat myself to a pedicure or a hair cut before leaving town.


Their magic hands soothed and comforted any insecurity I may have had of body altering effects. The hand-held guidance through the process (new to me) was beneficial and made me feel comfortable and reassuring with my decision to get the treatments. The girls were always smiling and glowed with positive energy that was contagious. Thank you ladies and spirit guides…Janiece and Adrianne!